Una historia interesante

Via Steve Hsu, encontré una interesante entrevista a Daniel Kahneman. Me resultó particularmente interesante el siguiente fragmento (en aquel entonces vivía en una parte de Francia ocupada por los alemanes luego de 1940):

It must have been the fall of ’41, when there was a curfew for Jews. We were also supposed to be wearing a yellow star, and there was a curfew which I think was 6:00 PM. I was in first or second grade and I’d gone to play with a friend and I was going home and I missed the curfew, I was late. And so, I turned my sweater inside out and walked home, and as I was coming close I remember the street was deserted and there was this German soldier walking towards me. He was wearing the black uniform and I knew that was not good. That was the uniform of the SS. We were walking towards each other and as we were coming close he sort of beckoned me, and of course I went there, and he picked me up and hugged me. I remember being terrified that he would see the Star of David inside my sweater. Then he put me down and took out his wallet and showed me a picture of a boy and gave me some money. That’s a formative memory because of what it meant about the complexity of things. I remember being very fascinated at the time by this and by stories of Hitler liking flowers and kissing babies. The complexity of evil was much on my mind as a seven- or eight-year-old.

Intel 4004 – 36º aniversario

Me acabo de enterar que Intel publicó el esquema de circuitos del 4004, que fue (más allá de un cierto debate…) el primer microprocesador. Obviamente, con 2300 transistores y 740 kHz de reloj no podía hacer mucho; de hecho consigue hacerme sentir afortunado de estar programando un clon del 8051 🙂 Aunque al menos el 4004 terminaba una instrucción en 8 ciclos…